Add More Gas Appliances.
Save More Money and Energy.

Continue Experiencing All the
Value of Natural Gas

The more natural gas appliances you add to your home, the more money you can save. You’ll save energy year-round while lowering your carbon footprint — and you can save right away with rebates.

Take advantage of all the value that natural gas has to offer when you continue to include natural gas in your energy mix. You can be sure you are always storm ready. Plus, lower your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint even more when you add additional natural gas appliances and luxury amenities.


Secure Your Home
Resale Value

Natural gas increases your home resale value — and your home’s ability to sell. As the value of your home increases, so does homebuyer preference. Eight in 10 homebuyers consider natural gas a prominent feature when looking for their “ideal” single-family home.

Get More Top-Notch

When it comes to having natural gas service, most homebuyers will not compromise. Why? Homeowners love their natural gas appliances and amenities. Whether it’s time to replace old appliances before they break or you’re looking to remodel, you can’t go wrong by adding additional natural gas appliances. With natural gas, get more appliances you will love, that will last, and all the neighbors will envy.