Required Documents

  1. Proof Of Purchase
  2. Proof Of Installation for the qualifying appliance

*Please make sure that one or both of these receipts show the equipment model and serial number.

If the equipment was self-installed, please provide a signed letter complete with:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Account number
  • Complete list of all self-installed appliances

If you are a contractor, or landlord and would like the check released to you rather than the account holder where the appliance is installed, you will need to have the account holder sign the ‘Assignment of Rebate’ form for submission with the energySMART rebate application and other supporting documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: You must fill out a separate Rebate Application form for each new appliance you replace.

Apply Online:

To apply for your Natural Gas Rebate online,

Apply By Mail:

To apply for your Natural Gas Rebate by mail:

Download Appliance Rebate Forms, type in all applicable fields, save the completed application form to your desktop, and mail your application (with the required documentation listed above) to the address below.

(You may also print the form, and fill it out by hand, and follow same instructions.)


(Please fill out and submit the Assignment of Rebate Forms with your completed Rebate Form only if rebate is being released to anyone other than the account holder, such as to a contractor or landlord.)
Mail to:

Florida City Gas Rebates
Dept 14-90591
P.O. Box 540071
El Paso, TX 88554-0071

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