new construction gas rebates

Increase home resale values with natural gas.

Use appliance rebate money to add more natural gas amenities & upgrades such as outdoor lighting, luxury gas grills, pool heating, and more.

Whether you’re a professional builder or homeowner, Florida City Gas offers natural gas new construction rebates when you include natural gas appliances in your homebuilding project.

On top of opening the door to greener building practices and a more energy-efficient home, natural gas rebates are the first step toward the best-selling, top-rated appliance models on the market.

Residential appliances that qualify for natural gas new construction rebates include:

  • Natural gas Water Heaters (tank and tankless)
  • Natural gas ranges/stoves
  • Natural gas clothes dryers
  • Natural gas furnaces

Contact Florida City Gas in the early stages of your project for a complete list of monetary incentives. We can also assist you with gas utility design, gas utility maps and the easements process.

New Construction Rebates For Homeowners

(BUILDERS, please click on separate BUILDER REBATE FORM link below to apply for Builder Rebates.)

Congratulations on building with natural gas! Homebuyers who choose natural gas can expect to enjoy increased home comforts, energy efficiency & savings every day. Every month. Every year.

Click on the appliance you have purchased/added to find the applicable Homeowner rebate form.

Tankless Water Heaters

Rebates Up To $550

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Rebates Up To $500

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Tank Water Heaters

Rebates Up To $350

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Rebates Up To $150

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High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

Rebates Up To $400

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Rebates Up To $100

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