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Natural gas doesn’t just make every day extraordinary. When you add natural gas to your home, you’re opening the door to luxury amenities and extras — from outdoor grills and fireplaces to pool and patio heaters — that make every space extraordinary. And because natural gas equipment is naturally more efficient, you can soak up the added comfort guilt-free.

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If your residential natural gas service has been inactive for at least 12 months, you can get an extra $200 back on your qualifying appliance rebates. Get your Florida City Gas Reactivation Rebate by mailing or faxing the downloadable application.

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Ready to make your space extraordinary? Find out if natural gas is available at your address right now.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Discover the exceptional value this essential energy delivers to Florida homes and businesses when you turn on better.

Better Value

From tastier meals to endless hot water, natural gas makes every day better.

Better Comfort

Experience luxurious whole-home comfort with a variety of applications.

Better Reliability

This reliable energy can help keep you connected through storm season.

Better Savings

Reduce your monthly energy bills and save now with appliance rebates.

Save Energy. Save Money

Save money on taxes when you buy an ENERGY STAR appliance for noncommercial use from now until June 30, 2023. Visit your local retailer to purchase.

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