Why Natural Gas
for Your Business?

Naturally Better Business With Natural Gas

Florida City Gas is here to help you do business better. For energy-intensive commercial applications, natural gas is synonymous with efficiency, value and savings. When you add natural gas to your business’s energy mix, you can:

High-performance equipment with reduced operational costs.

Everyday efficiency and energy savings.

Superior features and benefits — leading to happier, more satisfied customers.

Save Money & Energy

Natural gas pipelines are underground — making them less vulnerable to severe weather — so you always have reliable energy when you need it. In fact, natural gas ranges and tank-style water heaters work without electricity, so you can take a hot shower and cook a delicious meal regardless of a storm. And, you never have to worry about running out or refilling a tank.

Equipment That Works Smarter

High-performance natural gas equipment provides numerous advantages, including endless hot water, faster cooking and more efficient drying. Plus, natural gas is nearly 100% reliable, allowing you to continue to cook and run other business operations — even when the power goes out. (Outage applications vary by appliance.)

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Clean energy practices can boost investor interest, employee morale and your customer base. Achieve your sustainability goals by including a natural gas tankless water heater, which can eliminate 3,000+ lbs. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

Use Domestic Energy

Since more than 97% of the nation’s natural gas comes from North America, the direct use of natural gas can help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. It can also help keep over $1 billion energy dollars (and countless jobs) home every month.

Why Natural Gas?

Hear What Our Commercial Customers are Saying

Natural Gas Testimonial by Silver Vase

Silver Vase

Water heaters run around the clock using natural gas at these South Florida greenhouses.

Natural Gas Testimonial by Statewide Laundry Equipment

Statewide Laundry Equipment

Natural gas keeps the heat readily available for both dryers and water heaters.

Natural Gas Testimonial by Best Powder Coating

Best Powder Coating

Reliability is critical for the large ovens used in this Hialeah powder coating business.

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