Storm Ready

Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season Now

Make adding gas a natural part of your storm emergency plan. You’ll save right away with natural gas appliance rebates — and you’ll save energy year-round. What Makes Natural Gas The Reliable Choice For Severe Weather?

Hot Water

Take a hot shower and enjoy hot running water — even during severe weather — with a natural gas tank water heater. Save up to $500 with rebate.


Cook a hot meal for your family on a natural gas range — and save up to $200 with rebate.


Connect the rest of your home with a natural gas generator to keep your family comfortable and your vital appliances running.

Make natural gas part of your storm prep — and take advantage of all our natural gas home appliance rebates.

Your Storm Rebate is Waiting!

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Save Energy. Save Money

Save money on taxes when you buy an ENERGY STAR appliance for noncommercial use from now until June 30, 2023. Visit your local retailer to purchase.

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