While natural gas rebates are certainly a bonus, the benefits of natural gas are many. In fact, natural gas helps save money, energy and the environment.

For residential customers, with natural gas, you’ll experience energy savings. Every day. Every month. Every year.

You’ll also enjoy reduced appliance maintenance and higher resale home values.

Plus, SAVE IMMEDIATELY on the initial cost of natural gas appliances with our substantial Rebate Program.

Safe. Reliable. Affordable.

The use of natural gas reduces energy consumption. Did you know direct use is 92% efficient? Natural gas use will also reduce your home’s greenhouse emissions.

Benefits you should expect every day with natural gas appliances? Reduced energy costs, faster drying times, instant/precision heat for all your home-cooking, and your hot water will be provided more quickly and much more efficiently.

Florida City Gas continues to bring safe, reliable, domestically produced natural gas into homes and businesses.

When you choose natural gas, you are supporting natural gas as a premier energy source for our country.

As the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel, natural gas helps the U.S. achieve energy security and build a more competitive economy—keeping more jobs inside the United States.

Natural Gas = Substantially Reduced CO2 Emissions. It’s the Cleaner, Greener Energy.

Domestic natural gas supplies are abundant. Most of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced in the United States. Canada provides much of the rest.

The extensive and reliable 2.1 million-mile underground natural gas delivery system has an outstanding safety record.

Did you know natural gas utilities serve more than 68 million residential customers and more than 5 million commercial enterprises?

Natural Gas: America’s Best Energy Value.

Conservation Tips:

Conserve More Energy – and Save Money – Right Now

The energy choices you make are important. In addition to affecting the environment, they also affect how comfortable you are in your own home. And very importantly, they affect how much money you spend. That’s why, at Florida City Gas, we want to help you to save money and energy. We believe that by helping our customers conserve energy, we all benefit.

If you’re using natural gas today, you’ve already made a good choice for the environment, your home, and your finances. If you’re still thinking about purchasing additional natural gas appliances, or switching to natural gas, visit our rebates page here for more information.

You can start saving money and energy right now by following these tips:

  1. When you’re cooking, adjust the flame to fit the bottom of the pot or pan – turning up the flame beyond the bottom only wastes energy.
  2. Keep stove burner surfaces clean.
  3. Cover pots and pans with lids when cooking.
  4. Cook food at high heat to bring to temperature, then reduce to complete cooking.

Want all the tips you see here in one convenient place? Click here for a printable PDF!

  1. Fix leaky faucets.
  2. Install low volume shower heads and faucets.
  3. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving.
  4. Choose showers over baths and minimize time in the shower.
  5. Put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up, and use the water you catch for watering plants or cleaning.

Want all the tips you see here in one convenient place? Click here for a printable PDF!

  1. Use a water-level setting that matches the size of the load you’re washing.
  2. Select the proper setting and time for the clothing type and load size.
  3. In your dryer, separate heavier clothes (towels, heavy cottons) from the lightweight fabrics (synthetics) for more efficient drying.
  4. Dry full loads, but be sure not to overload your dryer.
  5. Clean the dryer’s lint filter before every load.
  6. Don’t add wet clothes during the drying cycle.
  7. Don’t over-dry clothes – use the automatic moisture control if your dryer has one, or select the appropriate amount of time on the automatic timer.
  8. Be sure the outside dryer vent is free of any obstructions and the vent cover fully opens when the dryer is in use.

Want all the tips you see here in one convenient place? Click here for a printable PDF!

  1. Lower the temperature setting on your water heater to 120 degrees.
  2. Put an insulation wrap around the sides of your water heater (but remember: Never put insulation on the top of the heater or near the bottom).
  3. Add insulation in your attic.
  4. Lower the thermostat when no one is home.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature each day.
  6. Clean or replace all filters at least once per month.
  7. Have the system inspected and maintained regularly.
  8. Keep heating and return vents free of all obstructions for proper airflow.

Want all the tips you see here in one convenient place? Click here for a printable PDF!

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